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On 1953 a catastrophic earthquake destroyed Zakynthos town. Zakynthos was one of the richest towns in Greece build with unique Venitian architecture. Today the new town is modern and has almost no resemblance to the old town.

In this project we experiment with an innovative technology (Villusion) where a 3D virtual world of the old town (as it was built 100 years ago) is masked on the real world. The Timemachine android application makes possible to explore the old town just by walking through the new town.

Try It

At this stage the application is in Beta version. It will soon be available through this website and android appstore.

In the mean time you can have a short walk through the old town of Zakynthos through the web version of the application.


Founder of this project is the IT company SoFar.gr. SoFar has developed the Villusion technology which has been implemented with Unity.

Partner of this project is the HCI lab of University of Patras. The HCI team aims to use the Timemachine project in order to develop and evaluate a variety of games for educational purposes.